Settlement Authorization Release System



You hurt your toe at UC Riverside. You sue the University of California and come to a settlement. UC Riverside’s lawyers need to communicate with UCOP’s lawyers and risk department via a form called a SAR to get you your money. This app manages that communication so UC employees across California can approve the SAR and the SAR can route itself though the appropriate channels (e.g. A $10,000 settlment may only need a risk manager to approve it, while a $1,000,000 settlment needs to pass through the entire risk office, several lawyers, and even the chancellor of the university’s desk).

Skills Used
Research Planning
Contextual Inquiry
Research Synthesis
Report Writing and Presentation
Interaction Design and Prototyping
Visual Design
User Testing

Affinity Diagram
Research Report
Old vs new gereral Design
Location Prototype Sequence

Built by KeVon Ticer (with CSS Grid) in the late 20-teens.